The achievements of NFL Hall-of-Famer and Green Bay Packer Ray Nitschke are widely known. But behind the larger-than-life player was the lesser-known and inspiring struggle of his wife, Jackie Nitschke, a tiny woman who triumphed over her own addiction, then tirelessly worked to help countless others in need of treatment.

This documentary tells her remarkable story and explores the difficulties and courage of overcoming alcoholism during the Lombardi years and beyond. Told through interviews with retired NFL players, players' wives, as well as Nitschke family and friends, the film highlights the trials of coping with addiction while being the wife of famous #66 and mother of three.

She ultimately chose a brave and uncommon path to go public with her secret—an unheard-of act for the times—and was the first prominent woman in the community to announce an addiction to alcohol. She became a widely known figure in the movement toward better drug and alcohol treatment options.

"Champion: The Legacy of Jackie Nitschke" is a candid tribute to her indomitable spirit and her positive and lasting impact on TitleTown.

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